Why Choose DynamicFit

Company Charter

Dynamicfit is a specialised provider of Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Solutions and Related Technologies

Our purpose is to work in long term collaborative relationships, improving client business value by providing fit for purpose solutions that are flexible for future growth and business decisions, in the small to medium size business sector.

To deliver exceptional service and performance, we must

  • Develop and employ personnel who deliver superior outcomes
  • Focus on client requirement and expectations
  • Foster change through innovative and creative thinking
  • Keep ahead of technology

We ensure our success through a focus on

Occupational Health, Safety &

Maintaining the individual health and well being of each of our people and the environment.


Enhancing our people to achieve their potential by:

  • Encouraging personal growth and development
  • Displaying respect and integrity for individuals
  • Maintaining a team based working environment with personal accountability
  • Capturing and utilising our knowledge and experience
  • Recognising and rewarding performance


Delivery of exceptional performance to our clients by:

  • Establishing and maintaining long term collaborative relationships
  • Acting with integrity
  • Aligning with client values and their local cultural expectations
  • Understanding our clients business expectations and perceptions


Offer value added solution to our clients by: 

  • Proposing fit for purpose business solutions
  • Only supporting Microsoft AX applications & support components
  • Focusing on superior value & delivery
  • Offering custom written solutions for specific needs

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