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DynamicFit uses Microsoft sure Step: The Skills, experience, and proven tools for your successful implementation:

  • On-Time, On-Budget and On-Spec
  • Meeting your Requirements
  • Project Visibility for Customers
  • Risk and Change Management Guidance
  • Best Practices

Sure Step Methodology

DynamicFit makes use of the Microsoft Sure Step implementation methodology. Sure Step is a comprehensive customer engagement methodology for Microsoft Dynamics® solutions, which provides a standard approach and collection of tools, templates, and best practices to use for successful customer implementations— from sales through delivery. Sure Step has been developed as a methodology designed for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sure Step Methodology organizes the approach into five distinct phases during the implementation project lifecycle:

Sure Step Methodology:

Microsoft Technology Stack
  • Analysis:

    The Analysis phase represents the official start of the implementation.  This phase defines the activities required to initiate and effectively plan the entire project.
  • Design:

    The goal of the Design phase is to define how the business requirements will be implemented.  The phase includes configuration of the overall Microsoft Dynamics AX solution and the design of specific customizations needed to satisfy business requirements identified during the Analysis phase. The customizations can range from simple user interface or report modifications to complex functionality additions or modifications, and may also include the integrations and interfaces and data migration elements required to support the requirements.
  • Development:

    The goal of the Development phase is to build and test the system components defined and approved in the design specifications, including developing the customizations, integrations and interfaces, and data migration processes.
  • Deployment:

    The Deployment phase is where all the efforts of the project team come together for a successful transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics solution.
  • Operation:

    The Operation phase defines the activities required to close the project, provide post production support and transition the solution and knowledge to the customer.

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