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Microsoft Platform Value

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Leverage existing investments in Microsoft Technologies that you are already using and see the benefits:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange
  • Microsoft Servers and Desktops
  • Microsoft Lync
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX

Platform Value

Most organisations today already have a myriad of Microsoft technologies operating within their IT environment. This ranges from Microsoft operating Systems (Vista or XP) to Microsoft Office and through to server products (Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, etc). Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to work with existing Microsoft products to enhance functionality. Maximise current IT investments to foster adoption and drive business Value to the organisation.

Microsoft designs all its applications to be integrated “out-the-box”, which ensures that users have the best experience possible while IT investments are maximised.

Microsoft Technology Stack:

Microsoft Technology Stack
  • Familiar to your people

  • Besides the Standard Windows Client various other front ends are available to the users, including the Enterprise Portal (SharePoint Client) or Office Snap Ins which enable users to access data and features in Microsoft Dynamics AX from various Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook – finally Microsoft Dynamics AX contains more than 30 Role Centres available on the Standard Windows and SharePoint Client

  • Fits with your systems

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX contains a number of interfaces including AIF (Application Integration Framework), this way data and features can be made available both ways from other information systems internally as well as externally. AIF also makes it possible to enable features as Web Services. Web Services can also be consumed from Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Fuels your business productivity

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX supports a large array of collaboration features including alerts management, integration with Outlook and Unified Communications. The embedding of Windows Workflow Foundation makes it possible to model business processes as workflow's that can be configured and administrated by super users.

  • Enables confident decision making

  • Besides the native reporting tool various standard Microsoft tools can be used for analyzing and present data in the most comprehensive visual way.


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