Inventory Solutions for Dynamics AX

Inventory Based Organisations


Inventory Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Inventory Catalogue System
  • Inventory classification System
  • Inventory Wizard

Inventory Solutions for Dynamics AX

For most Inventory focused organisation, the ability to manage Inventory levels and stock holdings more efficiently and optimise usage normally reflects directly on the bottom line. In most cases it makes the difference between making money and loosing money.

DynamicFit has been working with Inventory intensive organisations for many years to assist companies to optimise their stock and create a systematic approach to Inventory management. Over many years we have developed InventoryFit which assists our customers to get the maximum benefit possible from their inventory management system


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DynamicFit has help companies to:

  • Increase Inventory Accuracy
  • Reduce and identify dead stock
  • Speed up the Inventory item creation process

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