Mining & Service Industry

Mining and Service Management Solutions for Dynamics AX

Mining Software

Mining and Service Solutions for Dynamics AX include the following solutions:

  • Production Accounting
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Service & Asset Maintenance

Mining and Service Management Software

To compliment Microsoft Dynamics AX with rich industry functionality, DynamicFit offers the following Solutions designed specifically for Mining and Service Related organisations:

  • Production Accounting:

The Production Accounting Solution includes Mining Operations and Planning with Surveys and stockpile management using the outputs of specialised geotechnical software to plan, execute and control production. Surface Operations are managed by tracking the value of the mineral content through the production process. Metals and Minerals Sales and Revenue Management is handled by taking inputs from internal and external laboratory results and other systems for pricing and currencies including receipt to remit minerals management.

  • Service & Asset Maintenance:

The Service and Asset Maintenance Module for Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to assist you to effectively plan and execute activities for the maintenance of enterprise assets ensuring uptime. It includes functionality like Asset Hierarchy, Skills and Scheduling Management, Warranty Management as well as Preventative and Predictive Asset Management.

  • Occupational Health and Safety:

The Occupational Health and Safety Module for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you to manage OHS in the workplace by setting up and tracking Risks, work related injuries, inspections, Protective Clothing, Safety Plans, work permits and incident and complaint management. Manage compliance by implementing formal processes and collecting all the necessary information to allow you to report on OHS matters.



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