DynamicFit Solutions

Additional Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DynamicFit solutions

Additional Industry Vertical Solutions developed specifically for Dynamics AX:

  • LegalFit
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • TravelFit
  • Helpdesk

Industry Software for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DynamicFit has developed industry specific solutions that integrate exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics AX. These solutions are focused to provide functionality for Project orientated, Jobbing / Manufacturing related, as well as Inventory related organisations.

Our Solutions, when used with Microsoft Dynamics AX™ are designed to provide a total solution from Design to Delivery.  All these solutions are designed and delivered inside of Microsoft Dynamics AX and provided extended functionality to the core ERP product.

  • LegalFit

  • DynamicFit has developed LegalFit exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics AX, which allows companies to centrally manage the recording of legal information for the in-house legal department.

    LegalFit allows the tracking of changes in share holdings, contract agreement expirations notification and tracking of actual documents. It provides a company register, matter register, agreements register and safe custody register to make handling of legal matters easier.

  • HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)

  • Hazard tracking and identification linked to the projects module in Dynamics AX. Includes control methods, Likelihood, Consequences, Control Safeguards, interlock categories and a process for hazard close out management.

  • TravelFit

  • This module allows the capture and management of all travel related activities including person logging, flights, timing of travel, Delivery, Checklists, Visa’s, Accommodation, Confirmations, Frequent flyer information, Insurance tracking, etc.

  • Visitors Register

  • The tracking of visitors to various sites including Person, when, where, purpose of visit, confidentiality document, access cards, escorted by, areas visited, etc.

  • Helpdesk

  • This is a user definable helpdesk system for logging and tracking various types of helpdesk calls and resolutions etc. (e.g. IT, Property, CAD, Accounts, Legal, etc)

  • CRM Call Plan Management

  • This is a customisation of the existing CRM module within AX to provide a single screen for automated call plan management to ensure that CRM users know what must be done when and allocated to a CRM user.

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