InventoryFit Catalogue System

Inventory Control Software - InventoryFit for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Inventory Catalogue System Vertical Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Catalogue your AX Inventory
  • Conversion Wizard for existing Inventory
  • Inventory Classification System

Inventory Catalogue System for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DynamicFit has developed industry specific inventory control software solutions that integrate exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics AX. These solutions complement the other DynamicFit solutions.

InventoryFit is an add-on product for Microsoft Dynamics AX that provides solutions designed for Inventory Based Organisations.

Our inventory control software Solutions, when used with Microsoft Dynamics AX are designed to provide a total solution to better handle various Inventory Related issues that also links to Quadrem.

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  • InventoryFit (Catalogue System) Functionality

    • Inventory Catalogue System: Management of inventory via description and pre-defined classes
    • Conversion Wizard: Convert existing or merge duplicate inventory items to the catalogue at your own pace. Can be done over a period of time.
    • Inventory Validation Class: Define name classes and validation groups with validation entries to classify products
    • Additional Search functionality: Additional find utilities made available in Sales Orders, Purchase Orders  for ease of searching.
    • Reduce Inventory Duplicates: Notifications users when trying to create an inventory item with the long description of one that already exists.
    • Stock Accuracy: Reduction of stock losses


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