JobFit for Dynamics AX

JobFit (Job Costing Software) for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Job Control Plans

Jobbing Industry Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Workshop Job Quotation Register Management
  • Quality Control for each Operation
  • Automate Project Creation from Job
  • Automatic Creation, Costing and Management of Routes (work Centre's)

JobFit (Job Costing Software) for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DynamicFit has developed industry specific job costing software solutions that integrate exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics AX These solutions compliment other DynamicFit solutions.

JobFit is an add-on job costing software product for Microsoft Dynamics AX that provides solutions for Manufacturing / Jobbing related organisations.

Our Solutions, when used with Microsoft Dynamics AX™ are designed to provide a total solution to better handle various Jobbing Related environments

Job Costing Software
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  • JobFit (Job Control Planning) Functionality

    • Quote Creation: Quotes are created inline with job execution plans  ensuring all  equipment  and man hours are captured. 
    • Quote Tracking: Ability to track and follow up on outstanding  quotations.  Overhead costs can be tracked against each job.
    • Job execution workflow: Ability to schedule equipment utilization based on process
    • Workshop Time Entry: Ability for shop floor workers to enter manufacturing times against JCP plans at each stage of the process
    • Nominated QA Levels and Monitoring: Each stage of the job manufacturing process gets completion and sign off if required
    • Activities: Activities categories can be setup to enable accurate quoting and job execution
    • Reporting: All job reports accessible from JCP form


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