ProjectFit Overview

ProjectFit for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Design to Delivery

Design to Delivery Industry Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Drawing Design Register & Transmittal Management
  • Project BOM and RFQ Management
  • Customer & Vendor Contracts

ProjectFit: Design to Delivery

DynamicFit has developed industry specific solutions that integrate exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics AX. These solutions are focused to provide functionality for Project orientated, Jobbing / Manufacturing related, as well as Inventory related organisations.

Our Solutions, when used with Microsoft Dynamics AX™ are designed to provide a total solution from Design to Delivery.

The picture below is a graphical representation of the functionality offered by ProjectFit.

Project Fit Map
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  • ProjectFit (Project Delivery Management System)

    ProjectFit™ combines the standard off-the-shelf modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX with  deep functionality enabling total visibility of your project across a number of barriers (geographical, intercompany, language, etc). By managing essential business processes you can maximise efficiencies and deliver your project on time and on budget, improving customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

    The ProjectFit™ Project Delivery Management System (PDMS) gives Project Managers the ability to structure projects into manageable sized packages across many different cost centres and budgets. The PDMS provides a suite of functionality for managing any size project from design to delivery.
  • ProjectFit
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  • ProjectFit Functionality includes:

    • Flexibility to create any project/equipment/package delivery structure
    • Drawing design register and transmittal version management
    • Project equipment Bill of Materials management
    • Project RFQ allocation and distribution management
    • Outbound shipment and manifest management
    • Project stores management
    • Time sheet management
    • Customer and Vendor contract management
    • Email workflow notification
    • Financial and technical workflow approval
    • Intercompany approval and administration
    • Financial management
    • Customised reporting
    • Advanced purchasing and receivables management
    • Field level and user based security
    • Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009



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