Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Manage every aspect of your business with the flagship ERP from Microsoft, Dynamics AX:

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Accounting
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Human Resource Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX

DynamicFit is committed to providing industry specific software to our customers that provides an end-to-end business solution to cater for all of the business and system requirements of your organisation.

The functionality offered by Microsoft AX is broken down as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly known as axapta) is an integrated, adaptable business management solution that helps you and your people make business decisions with greater confidence. Microsoft AX works like and with familiar Microsoft software, automating and streamlining business processes and connecting you with global customers, business partners and subsidiaries in a way that helps you drive business success. Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the most powerful and flexible business management solutions in the mid-market and large corporate account segments today. Microsoft AX is an end-to-end ERP solution.

Dynamics AX Overview

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (axapta) includes the following functionality:

  • Financial Management

    Manage your financial operations effectively with a comprehensive view of financial data across your organisation and flexible processes that adapt to the way your business works.

    With access to real-time information across your organization, easy-to-use inquiry tools, and powerful analysis and reporting capabilities, Financial Management in Microsoft AX can help you handle revenue, payables, receivables, and cash flow more efficiently- so you can gain insight into financial performance, plan strategically, and make confident, informed decisions.

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  • Supply Chain Management
    The combined forces of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Internet help your people reduce inventory and increase productivity.
    Microsoft Dynamics AX automates sales and purchasing and streamlines inter-company operations. And because it was built for the Internet, your sales team can access, view, and update customer and company information anytime, anywhere.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you the flexibility to manage inventory and purchasing according to your needs, with functionality to support forecasting, classifying and tracking inventory and the efficient creation and management of bills of material.

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  • Project Accounting
    The Microsoft Dynamics AX Projects module provides a strong platform to help you control project finances. It supports a wide range of functions and empowers your company to meet the challenges of growth, while giving you the insight into your business you need to succeed in an increasingly competitive global environment. 

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  • Professional Services Automation (PSA)
    Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX leverages Microsoft Dynamics AX to bring new levels of project and contract management capabilities to users and administrators. Make the most of your resource utilization and revenue with a new scheduling engine that matches qualified resources to tasks based on task requirements, and create comprehensive, custom project quotations to meet client specifications.

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  • Payroll
    Payroll processing and financial reconciliation are simplified and streamlined, helping improve accuracy and compliance with financial reporting requirements.

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  • Service & Asset Management
    Service and Asset Maintenance (also known as EAM or CMMS) means the management and monitoring of the assets of an organisation to ensure optimal performance and to avoid losses due to break downs. It covers plant, equipment and facilities. SAM covers the management of the assets across departments, locations, facilities and, in some cases, business units. By managing assets across the enterprise companies can improve utilization, reduce capital costs, reduce asset-related operating costs and subsequently improve ROA (return on assets).

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  • Sales & Marketing
    Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers powerful, integrated customer, sales, and marketing management capabilities that can help your people build and strengthen customer relationships and increase sales. With insight into business and customer information, you and your staff can proactively manage relationships and provide fast, informed answers to queries. Make smart marketing decisions, plan effective campaigns, and strategies for the future by analysing individual and consolidated data on all business contacts to create precise target groups.

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  • Human Resource Management
    Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you deeper insight into the status of individual employees, an overview of your entire organization and the strategic tools you need to develop the human resources upon which your business goals depend. Recruit and retain the talent your organization needs to drive business success. Targeted reporting capabilities help you identify skill gaps, optimise training and development efforts, and streamline recruiting campaigns to attract new hires that align with your company’s business strategy. With access to integrated, real-time information about employees, jobs, and specific skills across your organization, Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you effectively manage and align your workforce to help achieve your business goals.

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  • Manufacturing
    Reduce time to market and respond quickly to changing customer demands with Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Real-time insight into business and supply chain information- including inventory, warehouse, and production - helps you optimise production flow by planning effectively, maximizing resource utilization, driving accurate delivery performance, and streamlining business processes.

    Production in Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you real-time insight into your manufacturing processes to help increase both your production efficiency and profitability, while helping to reduce your overall costs.

    Product Builder in Microsoft Dynamics AX simplifies and streamlines the process of ordering, planning and producing customized products, helping you to win more orders and increase customer loyalty.

    Shop Floor Control in Microsoft Dynamics AX automates the collection of employee time and attendance information, project and production data, giving you accurate and detailed insight into your production environment.

    Read more about Manufacturing

  • Lean Manufacturing
    Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX has been designed specifically to help manufacturing organisations compete today by supporting the implementation of lean manufacturing strategies. It’s an integrated business management solution that also delivers the specific functionality that can empower your people to achieve demand-driven, flow production.

    For instance, the solution delivers tools for determining the pace of demand—takt time—and then leveling and scheduling production to meet the pace of that “drumbeat.” The customer demand information that drives the system can come through EDI, XML, CSV data, or through a Web page to feed three-horizon sales scheduling that drives flow production.

    To be able to create a demand-driven, flow production system, of course, you’ve got to have processes and replenishment completely under control. Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides support for kanban replenishment systems, whether your kanban are cards, bins, buckets, or electronic signals. It also helps improve replenishment by enhancing supply chain collaboration. With Business Portal integration, you can share real-time information about demand, materials requirements and inventory levels, and order status. Standard Web services and the ability to exchange common electronic documents such as POs, confirmations, ASNs, and invoices can help you streamline transactions, increase accuracy, and speed order cycles.

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  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
    Business Performance Management features in a Business Application enable users across an organization to access and analyse data relevant to their functional roles in a timely and secure manner to enable improved business insight and better decision making.  The term Business Intelligence or BI for short, is commonly used in the industry to label Products and Technologies that support implementing, integrating, and deploying Business Performance Management solutions to enable employees across an organization gain deeper business insight and make informed decisions.

    Read more about Business Intelligence and Reporting

  • Compliance Management
    Executives must meet the seemingly contradictory goals of compliance adoption and organizational agility. While compliance adoption requires highly structured, rigid processes, organizational agility demands that you are flexible enough to drive innovation, develop and expand customer relationships, improve operations, and build stronger business relationships.

    Finding the right balance requires a better understanding of compliance requirements and how they are integrated into business process systems that are people-ready and designed for agility.

    Read the Managing Compliance White Paper

  • Global Functionality
    With Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can connect people, information, and processes throughout your company, even across organizational and geographic boundaries.

    Make it easy for your people to transact with the system with little or no training. Employees around the globe can work comfortably with the applications and functionality they need to excel at their jobs, while customers and vendors can place orders, view item information, and make requests, all in their native language.

    Read the Connectivity White Paper

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)
    Occupational health and safety (OHS - also known as EHS, SHE) is a cross-disciplinary function concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The general objective of all OHS programs is to encourage and ensure a safe work environment. In addition, it should protect co-workers, family members, employers, customers, suppliers, nearby communities, and other members of the public who are impacted by the work environment.

    Click here for more information about OH&S

  • Production Accounting Module (PAM)
    The Production Accounting Module covers Mining (Shaft and open pits) operations; Plant (metals accounting) operations and Revenue Management. It is an essential component of any mining and metallurgical operation. In essence Production Accounting starts with mine planning, ore handling, surveying, stockpile management and it tracks the value of the mineral content (assay multiplied by mass) throughout the normally complex production process (also known as the flow sheet).

    Click here for more information about the Production Accounting Module

  • Loan Register
    The Loan Register allows the capturing of loan contracts in a register for the purpose of managing loan amounts, start and end dates, interest rate (fixed or variable) calculations, payment terms, installment calculations, version management, Automatic journal creation, posting profiles as well as a number of loan statements.

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