Microsoft Office and Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX and Office

Delivering out-the-box integration because they were built to work together:
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence

Dynamics AX and Office

The Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions are built to work with the latest Microsoft business productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office so that you can take advantage of the most recent advanced features to improve productivity and gain deeper insight. They also run smoothly with the Microsoft Application Platform and IT Infrastructure products, including Microsoft SQL Server , Windows 7, and Windows Server . With increased system efficiency, reduced IT administration and hardware costs, and enhanced security and connectivity, you can enable your business to adapt more quickly to change and better manage your assets and resources.

Combining the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution with applications such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint Server enables you to deliver the best productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser—in tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel, where people spend most of their time. Add Windows 7, with advances in desktop management that redefine “ease-of-use,” and your employees can work fast and smart by quickly finding and using the business information they need.

The Right Experience for the right task

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Advantages includes:

    • Make Better Decisions
    • Access Business information from Anywhere
    • Equip the "Next Generation" Workforce
    • Create Compelling Communications
    • Collaborate with Control
    • Extend the reach of Business Data
    • Share Visibility through Dashboards
    • Expand Communication Channels
    • Practical IT Platform


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