Human Resources for Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX - Human Resource Management Software (HRM)

Manage all aspects of your Human Resources with Microsoft Dynamics AX HRM.

  • Workforce Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Self Service with Absence Management
  • Skills, Competency and Training Management

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management software in Microsoft Dynamics AX can give you deeper insight into the status of individual employees, an overview of your entire organisation and the strategic tools you need to develop the human resources upon which your business goals depend. Recruit and retain the talent your organisation needs to drive business success. Targeted reporting capabilities help you identify skill gaps, optimise training and development efforts, and streamline recruiting campaigns to attract new hires that align with your company’s business strategy. With access to integrated, real-time information about employees, jobs, and specific skills across your organisation, the Human Resource Management software in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you effectively manage and align your workforce to help achieve your business goals.

Balanced Scorecard in Microsoft Dynamics AX is a tool that can help translate your visions and strategies into an integrated set of performance and action measures that cascade down through the organization from divisions to departments, through operational units down to the individual employees. Balanced Scorecard Dynamics AX can help you monitor and optimise your business performance.

Gathering accurate information about a business is crucial for it to operate effectively, and requires tools and procedures that can be used to transform raw data into reliable decision support information. Many systems can track transactional data that answers some questions. Transactional data shows what happened, but does little to describe why it happened.

A company must examine the causes behind the results to truly identify those results. The ways a company can examine these causes involves:

• A company that listens to its customers and employees
• A manager that identifies what motivates employees
• Professional units (Human resources, Sales, and Marketing) that recognize the value of the services and processes they provide.
There is more to know about a business than what the transactional systems can deliver. Decision makers must identify the intangible factors and challenges that face their people. They can gain this knowledge by asking the right people the right questions. The Microsoft Dynamics AX Questionnaire module allows the capture of this additional data.

  • Functionality includes:

    • Organisational and workforce management
    • Recruitment and selection
    • Employee development and performance
    • Skills mapping
    • Training
    • Expense management
    • Employee self service portal
    • Organisational structure
    • Absence management
    • Competency Management
    • Compensation management
  • Benefits Include:

    • Attract and retain talent.

      Recruit and preserve talent with powerful tools to streamline the recruiting process and help maximize employee potential through training and development programs.

    • Increase organizational insight.

      Maintain your organization, job, and position hierarchies and have the flexibility to make changes based on business needs. View line organizational charts for functions and reporting relationships, and manage matrix- and project-based assignments.

    • Store and access your employee information in one place.

      Give your human resource team efficient access to the employee and job-related information they need to manage employees and teams across your organization. Easily track a history of employees, positions, and organization units by effective date.

    • Personalize Role Centres to speed productivity.

      Provide quick access to common tasks, reporting data, and key performance indicators (KPI's) from the convenience of a home page.

    • Provide convenient, online access with Employee Portal.

      Give employees online access to a host of information, such as training, personal data, and performance. You can also manage recruitment, track applicants, and much more.


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