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A fully integrated Payroll for your Dynamics AX ERP system:

  • Simple or Complex Payroll
  • Can handle Awards, sites and complex projects
  • Integrated to time sheet system
  • Leave and compensation Management
  • Integrated to Dynamics AX Financials


Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps resolve the problem of data integrity. Your business can work with a single version of the truth—because key business processes are integrated within the overall business management solution.

This diagram illustrates how Microsoft Dynamics AX centralizes company data within an integrated database. Data can flow bi directionally to and from a single source. As a result, data can be entered once and used as needed for payroll calculation, processing, and reporting.

Payroll processing and financial reconciliation are simplified and streamlined, helping improve accuracy and compliance with financial reporting requirements.


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  • Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics AX can offer a rapid Return on Investment by helping you to:

    • Simplify Payroll processing
    • Reduce administrative costs and time
    • Meet regulatory requirements easily
    • Enable better personnel deployment decisions
  • Benefits Include:

    • Automated and streamlined processes

    • Increased accuracy and reduced risk

    • Simplified regulatory compliance

    • Insight into your workforce

    • Support global operations


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