Portals and Collaboration

Enterprise Portal, Role Centre and Office Integration

Utilize the Built-In SharePoint Collaboration and Document Management features of Dynamics AX:

  • Customer and Vendor Portals
  • Employee Role Specific Portals
  • Compliance Centre
  • Use SharePoint for Document Management
  • KPI Dashboards and Role Specific Functionality

Portals and Collaboration

Open your business to employees, customers, vendors, and other business partners around the clock. Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it easy to provide Role Tailored data and business processes in real time over the Web, with full support for intranet, business-to-consumer, and business-to-business communications.

Based on Microsoft® Windows SharePoint Services, Enterprise Portal enables you to drive down costs by decreasing paperwork and empowering people to access information, processes, and tools. For example, customers can view company and product information, reducing the need for customer service people to respond to common questions and demands. Vendors can work efficiently with your business by initiating transactions electronically and communicating in their language of choice.

Help people work smart and fast with Role Tailored access to information, tasks, and business processes. Role Centres in Microsoft Dynamics AX present job specific information based on roles within the organization to help people easily prioritize tasks and make quick business decisions.

With an intuitive user interface similar to that of the Microsoft Office system, Role Centres help people navigate quickly to the information, reports, and actions they need. This information-rich environment delivers out-of-the-box content, predefined cubes, and analytical views to help you extend business intelligence to every level of your organization.

Manage your organisation’s environmental initiatives for increased operational efficiency, bottom-line cost savings, and socially responsible business practices.

Today’s emphasis on carbon reporting has evolved from an environmental issue into a full-scale market transition to which organizations must adapt. With the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, you can gain a new perspective on your business by tracking your energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (or carbon footprint) to help identify risks and opportunities.

Extend the power, insights and process control of the business management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics to all your employees, via the familiar user experience of the Microsoft Office system. Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office is a package of self service applications built around the Microsoft Office system. These applications combine role-based access to information and processes with the business insights and collaboration capabilities of Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server.

  • Functionality includes:

    • Sales Rep Portal
    • Consultant Portal
    • Customer Portal
    • Vendor Portal
    • Employee Portal
    • Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business
    • Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office (DCO)
    • Built on Microsoft SharePoint technology
    • Dynamics AX module access via the web
    • Pre configured role centres
    • Pre defined SQL Server Cubes per module
    • Track Environmental Performance Indicators
    • Direct access to Dynamics AX data from within Office 2007

  • Benefits Include:

    • Build powerful connections with employees, customers, vendors, and other business partners.

      Simplify communication and collaboration by making critical information and reporting and analytical tools easy to access and share through a customized, Web-based portal.

    • Make your business available online to all users.

      People working at remote sites or on the road can use their Web portals to enter hours, project data, sales quotations, and orders to keep business information up to date, regardless of time zones or geographical barriers.

    • Provide employees with self-service options.

      Employees can enter expense reports, make purchase requisition requests, view FAQ's, register absence information, and update key human resource (HR) data at their convenience.

    • Improve user productivity.

      Enterprise Portal is familiar, easy to use, and interactive, minimizing training requirements. In addition, rapid deployment helps reduce IT maintenance and administration costs.

    • View business data at a glance.

      Monitor and analyse business performance using actionable BI, such as key performance indicators (KPI's), charts, and reports directly in your Role Centre. Take action quickly with the ability to drill down into details and transactions.

    • Boost productivity and improve effectiveness.

      Provide a single, integrated view of the job-specific information and tasks employees need to make informed business decisions.

    • Help people prioritize tasks.

      Keep critical tasks, projects, and orders on track with notifications and alerts initiated by automated workflow's that are displayed in your Role Centre.

    • Get up to speed quickly.

      The familiar user interface offers intuitive navigation and makes it easy to find information, helping to minimize training time. People see the value of working from their Role Centres right away, so user adoption is fast.

    • Adaptable user experience.

      Employees can easily personalize Role Centres to fit their own unique work style and information needs. In addition, developers can quickly customize Role Centres to add business- and industry-specific content.

    • Easily manage environmental data.

      Automatically track your organization’s energy consumption and the resultant greenhouse gas emissions, and receive guidance on how to set up a greenhouse gas inventory so that you can get up and running cost-effectively.

    • Achieve supply chain transparency to mitigate risks.

      Respond to the increasing pressure from government, financial markets, media, and the business world to deliver transparency and share vital environmental sustainability data.

    • Increase efficiency and reduce energy costs.

      Spend less time gathering information and more time analysing critical data with enhanced reporting processes, and improve your bottom line during difficult economic times.

    • Pursue socially responsible initiatives.

      Minimize your company’s impact on the environment and increase your appeal to customers in a changing market that recognizes sustainability as a key global business strategy and competitive differentiator.


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