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Business Intelligence and Reporting in Dynamics AX

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Self-service Business Intelligence and KPI Reporting for all Dynamics AX Users:
  • KPI views on user dashboards
  • Built-In Microsoft Office Integration
  • Hundreds of standard reports with SSRS
  • Microsoft Management Reporter Included
  • Publish Reports Online

Dynamics AX Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Performance Management features in a Business Application enable users across an organization to access and analyse data relevant to their functional roles in a timely and secure manner to enable improved business insight and better decision making.  The term Business Intelligence or BI for short, is commonly used in the industry to label Products and Technologies that support implementing, integrating, and deploying Business Performance Management solutions to enable employees across an organization gain deeper business insight and make informed decisions.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Reporting and BI Framework comprises tools and services to enable the implementation, integration, deployment, and use of business performance management features in Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions. The framework is a model driven Microsoft platform integrated solution that will continue to evolve in future releases of the product to support richer scenarios and advances in the Microsoft Reporting and BI platform technologies (Microsoft SQL Serve and Microsoft Office system) upon which it is built.

Business Analysis in Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you analyse important factors that affect your bottom line. You can compare vendor data, analyse warehouse operations, develop strategies to retain preferred customers and attract new customers, and create customer profiles and segmentation analyses.
You can share up-to-the-minute information such as customer purchasing and supplier inventory, and identify weak spots in your supply chain so that you can make the necessary changes.

Analysis tools help you answer questions like “How will switching my suppliers affect my profits?” or “What is my delivery lead time?”
You can analyse costs associated with employee retention and productivity. You can also do flexible transaction level data retrieval and analysis, for the data of one or many companies.

Microsoft FRx was tailor-made for ever-changing business climates, to bring insight and control to the financial report creation, distribution and analysis process. It empowers you to create the kind of financial reports your organization requires, with the detail and flexibility necessary to stay on top of the trends in your business. It can help you and your organization work more efficiently, distribute critical financial information more efficiently, and understand the financial state of your business.

  • Functionality includes:

    • Hundreds of Standard Reports
    • Ad-hoc and analytical reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Role tailored pre defined multi-dimensional data cubes
    • Dashboard views of key performance indicators
    • Integration with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server
    • Self Service BI with Microsoft Office Excel
    • Select predefined performance indicators using out-of-the-box Microsoft SQL Server® Analysis Services data cubes for display in Role Centres.
    • Provide personalized report navigation and easily publish reports and KPI's.
    • Enable people to build and share specialized reports in a wide range of formats with integration with SQL Server Reporting Services.
    • Display and view graphs, charts, lists, and reports, and monitor processes in a dashboard view.
  • Benefits Include:

    • View business data at a glance.

      Monitor and analyse business performance using actionable BI, such as key performance indicators (KPI's), charts, and reports directly in your Role Centre. Take action quickly with the ability to drill down into details and transactions.

    • Boost productivity and improve effectiveness.

      Provide a single, integrated view of the job-specific information and tasks employees need to make informed business decisions.

    • Adaptable user experience.

      Employees can easily personalize Role Centres to fit their own unique work style and information needs. In addition, developers can quickly customize Role Centres to add business- and industry-specific content.

    • Helps provide the insight needed to better control your business

    • No need for external reporting tools or data replication

    • Turn raw data into useful business knowledge

    • Receive the answers you need in real-time

    • Perform multiple company data retrieval

    • Provide business users with secure and flexible analytical tools

    • Designed to work with SQL Server Business Intelligence


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