Supply Chain Management

Dynamics AX - Supply Chain Management

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Manage every aspect of your Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Inventory, Procurement and Distribution
  • Vendor and Customer Self Service
  • Trade Agreements and Multi-Site Warehousing
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Intercompany Trade

Supply Chain Management

The combined forces of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Internet help your people reduce inventory and increase productivity with Dynamics AX supply Chain Software.

Microsoft Dynamics AX automates sales and purchasing and streamlines inter-company operations. And because it was built for the Internet, your sales team can access, view, and update customer and company information anytime, anywhere.

People in your organization can also use the Web to exchange accurate and up-to-date information with your vendors, sell products and services, exchange information with consultants, and configure complex products.

Microsoft Dynamics AX also helps them manage a broad range of other business areas, minimizing the need for multiple systems.

  • Functionality of the Supply Chain Software includes:

    • Demand Forecasting
    • Inter-company Trade
    • Inventory Management
    • Distribution Planning
    • Procurement Management
    • Vendor Self-Service Portal
    • Business-to-business trading partner integration
    • Multi Site Warehouse Management
    • Order handling with trade agreements
    • Item and lot number reservation and tracking
    • Order promising
    • RFID Enabled
    • Distribution planning
    • Quarantine Management
    • Vendor & Customer Returns
    • Tender RFQ Management
  • Benefits Include:

    • Improve customer service.

      Enhance the security and reliability of deliveries with the global available-to-promise (ATP) view, which provides delivery alternatives in the event of unexpected disruptions. Automate sales and purchasing processes, track and locate inventory items quickly, and help ensure accurate pricing and discounts to improve customer satisfaction.

    • Reduce costs by optimising supply chain management processes.

      Improve productivity, adapt internal processes quickly to meet new demands, and optimise processes across sites in the supply chain.

    • Control and streamline inventory.

      Use powerful inventory management tools to improve forecasting and planning, match supply with customer demand, and create sales and purchasing forecasts based on specific items and time periods.

    • Increase visibility throughout the supply chain.

      Empower users to view real-time data through a user-friendly interface and Role Centres that provide quick access to tasks and critical business intelligence (BI) information, such as key performance indicators (KPI's) and custom reports.


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