Service & Asset Maintenance for Dynamics AX

Service and Asset Maintenance (SAM)

Dynamics AX Service Module

Manage all aspects your Assets with the Service & Asset Maintenance Module for Dynamics AX:

  • Asset Hierarchy & Location Control
  • Skills database with Scheduling & Dispatching
  • Warranty Management with Maintenance WIP
  • Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Contracts

Service and Asset Maintenance for Dynamics AX

SAM is a fully integrated Service and Asset Management module developed within Microsoft Dynamics AX by Axnosis. DynamicFit is a registered reseller for Axnosis and has many years experience with implementing Service and Asset Management systems.

SAM software attempts to effectively and efficiently plan and execute tasks, meant to maintain an enterprise operation by ensuring uptime of assets (also referred to as equipment, entities and objects) critical to the operations of an enterprise. To successfully plan maintenance tasks the following is needed:

    • Accurate information on the assets to be maintained and its child components
    • Ongoing production or workload requirements
    • Maintenance skills
    • Time available
    • Matched against the workload, equipment items, and availability
    • Parts and supplies

The SAM application, in contrast to most other software applications can be cost-justified. The benefits are real and tangible. For example:

    • An enterprise can track and manage jobs costs
    • Analyze current maintenance practices
    • Determine percentage of downtime
    • Calculate yield loss and loss of revenue
    • Consider spare parts carrying costs


SAM Overview
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SAM Functionality includes:

    • Asset Hierarchy
    • Location Control
    • Warranty Management
    • Skills / Trade database
    • Scheduling
    • Dispatching
    • Maintenance WIP
    • Maintenance Contracts
    • Preventative / Predictive Maintenance
    • Condition based monitoring
    • Job Costing

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