Windows Azure

Windows Azure

Windows Azure

Deploy and Manage your own Applications using Microsoft Global Data Centres:

  • Always Up and always On
  • Any language or Tool
  • Unlimited Server & Storage
  • Powerful Capabilities

Windows Azure: Unlimited Possibilities

Use the network of Microsoft Global data Centres to build your own applications and then deploy and manage them in the cloud. You can use any programming language and even integrate these applications with your public cloud applications.

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  • Always Up and On

With a 99.95% uptime, you do not need to focus on the infrastructure, only your applications. With advanced features like automatic OS and service patching, network load balancing and hardware fail over, you can upgrade your applications without downtime.

  • Open

Use any language, tool or framework to build applications.

  • Unlimited Servers and Storage

Provision resources automatically within minutes to scale your applications to any size. Use only the resources that you need, when you need them and only pay for what you use.

Overview of Microsoft Cloud Platform showing Azure:

Microsoft Cloud Platform

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