Industry Solutions for Dynamics AX

Industry Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX

Extend the power of your Dynamics AX ERP system with Leading Industry solutions:

  • Project & Engineering Solutions
  • Mining & Metallurgy Solutions
  • Manufacturing & Inventory Solutions
  • Asset Maintenance & OHS Solutions

Industry Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DynamicFit have over 30 accumulated years of industry knowledge and a wide range of Industry / Vertical product offerings that enable us to provide very specific functionality to our customers within the Project, Inventory and Jobbing, Manufacturing, Distribution and Service industries. We have worked in these industries for many years and support many customers all over the globe.

Built for the Industry, By the Industry.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Industry Solutions meet the unique needs of specific industries and vertical markets. Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solutions work with a full range of Microsoft products, so you can maximize existing IT investments and work in a familiar, unified environment.

Some of the Industry Solutions include:

  • Project Based Organisations

Project Based Organisations are one of the world’s fastest-growing industry segments—one that faces highly specific challenges. A single project can require compliance with multiple regulations and policies. Customers expect a far greater range of services, along with faster timelines and tighter budgets that leave little room for enhancing quality and innovation. To maintain profitability and compete in a global business environment, project firms need solutions that integrate information from across the organisation; connect internal team members, clients, and external partners across a dispersed network; and drive increased efficiency for services and internal processes. Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers project management tools and methods that equip companies to pro-actively organise projects and manage time, equipment, and employees effectively. This, coupled with the ProjectFit epc software solution deliver real-world, easy to use solutions for Project Organisations and allow better project cost management and project management control.

Working with project based organisations in the Construction, Engineering, Maintenance Services and Turnkey (epc software) industries is our specialty. DynamicFit works with clients that Design, Manufacture, Install, construct and commission equipment worldwide. We understand what it takes to deliver projects delivering enhanced project management control and the process from the drawing bill of materials to a satisfied client. DynamicFit has a vertical module called ProjectFit that facilitates the tracking of equipment through various project phases, all the way through to shipping and close out resulting in better project cost management. It facilitates enhanced project management control from Design to Delivery!

Click here for more information on Project Orientated Organisations

  • Inventory Based Organisations

For the organisations that use Microsoft Dynamics AX and have Inventory as a critical part of their system, DynamicFit has developed Inventory Fit. The inventory control software solution allows the inventory to be catalogued and also systematically creates inventory items based on pre-defined rules built on inventory classifications and classes.

The ability to better manage inventory in most organisations could result in massive savings from dead stock as well as duplicate items in inventory.

Click here for more information on Inventory Orientated Organisations

  • Jobbing / Manufacturing Based Organisation

DynamicFit has developed a solution designed for Dynamics AX called JobFit (job costing software) that provides very specific functionality for Jobbing and workshop type environments that allows processes to be followed from the initial quotation phase of a job through the workshop to delivery; and ensures that visibility is always available, whilst still allowing speedy processing to be performed. Find out more about JobFit.

DynamicFit boast many years of experience implementing and supporting MTO / ETO manufacturing customers with end-to-end job costing software solutions. Additionally Microsoft provides industry solutions for process and Industrial Equipment Manufacturing customers.

Click here for more information on Jobbing / MTO Manufacturing Orientated Organisations

  • Service and Asset Maintenance / OHS Based Organisation

DynamicFit has partnered with Axnosis who have developed industry solutions for SAM (Services and Asset Maintenance) as well as the OHS field, and these are built to works exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics AX. These industry vertical solutions complement the offerings that DynamicFit currently have and provide even richer Service and Maintenance as well as OHS functionality for our customers.

Click here for more information on Service and Asset Maintenance & OHS Software for Dynamics AX


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