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Industry Vertical solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • Design to Delivery
  • Job Control Plans
  • Inventory Catalogue System
  • Dynamics AX Helpdesk

Industry Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX

DynamicFit has developed industry specific solutions that integrate exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics AX. These solutions are focused to provide functionality for Project orientated, Jobbing / Manufacturing related, as well as Inventory related organisations.

Our Solutions, when used with Microsoft Dynamics AX™ are designed to provide a total solution from Design to Delivery.  All these solutions are designed and delivered inside of Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  • ProjectFit (Project Delivery Management System)

    ProjectFit™ combines the standard off-the-shelf modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX™ with  deep functionality enabling total visibility of your project across a number of barriers (geographical, intercompany, language, etc). By managing essential business processes you can maximise efficiencies and deliver your project on time and on budget, improving customer satisfaction.

    The ProjectFit™ Project Delivery Management System (PDMS) gives Project Managers the ability to structure projects into manageable sized packages across many different cost centres and budgets. The PDMS provides a suite of functionality for managing any size project from design to delivery.

    Click here for more information about ProjectFit

  • JobFit (Job Control Plan)

    JobFit™ combines the standard off-the-shelf modules of Microsoft Dynamics AX™ with  deep functionality for jobbing environments like engineering, tooling, workshops and MTO manufacturing.

    The JobFit™ system provides functionality to create specific jobbing style quotations and track the progress thereof. If won, the quote can be automatically converted very easily into a job and all the processes will be broken out per the work plan. The job execution has workflow and QA monitoring whilst allowing workshop personnel to manage time entry.

    Click here for more information about JobFit

  • InventoryFit Catalogue System

    InventoryFit™ is an Inventory Catalogue System developed exclusively to work with Microsoft Dynamics AX™ that assists companies to reduce duplicate Inventory item numbers, create accurate Inventory Item Descriptions, and ensure that duplication of stock is minimised.

    InventoryFit™ gives you the ability to setup item classification rules to ensure that your Inventory Asset is properly categorised, contains accurate description and managed correctly. InventoryFit™ includes a Conversion Wizard that allows you to convert existing data into the catalogue System.

    Click here for more information about InventoryFit

  • LegalFit

    LegalFit is an Add-On Solution developed by DynamicFit that works exclusively with Microsoft Dynamics AX™ and assists companies to centrally capture, track and manage legal matters.  LegalFit™ provides a Company Register, Matter Register, Agreements Register and safe Custody Register in one vertical solution.

  • HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)

    Hazard tracking and identification linked to the projects module in Dynamics AX. Includes control methods, Likelihood, Consequences, Control Safeguards, interlock categories and a process for hazard close out management.

  • TravelFit

    This module allows the capture and management of all travel related activities including person logging, flights, timing of travel, Delivery, Checklists, Visa’s, Accommodation, Confirmations, Frequent flyer information, Insurance tracking, etc.

  • Visitors Register

  • The tracking of visitors to various sites including Person, when, where, purpose of visit, confidentiality document, access cards, escorted by, areas visited, etc.

  • Helpdesk

    This is a user definable helpdesk system for logging and tracking various types of helpdesk calls and resolutions etc. (e.g. IT, Property, CAD, Accounts, Legal, etc)

  • CRM Call Plan Management

    This is a customisation of the existing CRM module within AX to provide a single screen for automated call plan management to ensure that CRM users know what must be done when and allocated to a CRM user.


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