Production Accounting for Dyanmics AX

Production Accounting Management (PAM)

Mining Software

The Production Accounting module for Dynamics AX is designed for mining companies:

  • Mining Operations
  • Surface Operations
  • Metals and Minerals Sales & Revenue Management

Production Accounting Management for Dynamics AX

The Production Accounting Management solution from Axnosis that provides additional functionality within Microsoft Dynamics AX and comprises of the following 3 modules:

  • Production Accounting I: deals with mining operations, Mine planning, Daily bookings, Surveys and stockpile management while. A range of highly specialized mine planning, geological, and geotechnical software systems have been developed and are utilized in the mining industry to support ore body analysis, mine design and to plan production of the mineral-rich ore in the most cost effective way. In essence, Production Accounting I utilizes the outputs of such expert systems to plan, execute and control production in order to meet such production targets.
  • Production Accounting II: covers the area of surface operations (also referred to by some as Metals Accounting). In essence Production Accounting II tracks the value of the mineral content (assay multiplied by mass) throughout the normally complex production process (also known as the flow sheet). The Production Accounting discipline provides a batch by batch view of the minerals processing performance of the plant and its team. Each of the team members are gatekeepers of vital elements of the recovery process. Plant management is the decision makers aided by the information provided by the Production Accounting role.

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  • Production Accounting III: covers the area of metals and minerals sales and revenue management. In essence Production Accounting III assists finance to manage and account for revenue. It is supported by the metallurgist, laboratories and trading partners to manage and account for the assay constituents, charges and penalties batch by batch. It takes inputs from both internal and external laboratory assay results, as well as other systems for pricing and currencies. At minerals processing operations with Toll-in services PAM III provide additional capabilities for managing receipt to remit minerals management.

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